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Newsletter 4

First local Forum on Men-UStal Health Policies in Siret

On the 13 and 14-th of June First Forum Forum on Men-UStal Health Policies took place in Siret organized by the local Psychiatric Hospital and “Orizonturi ” Organization in Campulung. If these kind of forums represen-USts something that is constant in the civil life of western cities, it is the first time that this kind of meeting is organized in Siret. The Forum for Local Policies in Men-UStal Health was organized 3years ago in Campulung Moldoven-USesc with the help of Hamlet Trust.

This forum gathers together, for the first time ben-USeficiaries of the men-UStal health services, specialist, represen-UStatives f the main states institutions (schools), local authorities, NGOs and mass media, trying together t find ways and paths to adequate policies in the field of men-UStal health a the local level. Among the priorities found throughout the discussions was the change of the men-UStality for gen-USeral population in order to avoid discrimination and marginalization. In
order to accomplish that everybody agreed that activities like anti-stigma campaigns represen-USts important means and they were successful as far. In the same time it is necessary to offer new perspectives about the metal health and the role that community can play in this field.
One of the project that was presen-USted was the GAMBE project as an example were people with psycho-social can be indepen-USden-USt and effective in the community. At the Siret meeting there was hospital staff from doctors to nurses, psychologists, social assistances, represen-UStatives of local schools, local social assistance service and local NGOs that work in the field of men-UStal health. The forum was called “Pathways to Policies” and it will take place every 2 months.

For more information please download the pdf documen-USt: Newsletter 4



Orlistat Indian - Cheap Xenical Without PrescriptionLETTER 3

CEFEC Conferen-USce in Linz

Since January 2007, The Regional Association for AdultEducation Suceava (AREAS) is member in CEFEC, aEuropean Network NGO represen-USting SMEs, NGOs andorganizations that all share the objective of creating paid workfor disabled and disadvantaged people in Social Firm businesses.In the period 11th - 13th October 2007, the 20th CEFEC annualconferen-USce took place in Linz, Austria, where AREAS was invited tojoin the network. With this occasion, the represen-UStant of ourorganization showed examples of good practices in the field of persons withdisabilities, one of which is GAMBE project. There were given-US leaflets and madeshort presen-UStations about the mission and objectives of the project.

For more information please download the pdf documen-USt: Newsletter 3



Orlistat Indian - Cheap Xenical Without PrescriptionLETTER 2

Welcome to the pages of the second issue of GAMBE newsletter.

You will find out more about the curriculums of the separate training modules as well as news and pictures from the even-USts, where the GAMBE project was presen-USted.

For more information please download the pdf documen-USt: Newsletter 2



Orlistat Indian - Cheap Xenical Without PrescriptionLETTER 1

We are glad to presen-USt you the first issue of the newsletter, depicting the activities within the "Community close vocational integration of people with disabilities" project.

From the first issue of the newsletter you will find more information about the idea and the aims of the project as well as additional details about the partnership and news on the project work.

For more information please download the complete pdf documen-USt:   Newsletter 1 




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